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Over the course of approx 10-14 working days*, our team will create you an attractive, desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly Online Shop containing up to 10 products and a maximum of 4000 words.**

This Package will also Include:-

  1. 1 Year Elementor Pro subscription (Included in the price).
  2. Image optimization system for faster page loading times.
  3. Basic Seo tools for higher search engine rankings.
  4. A Product Videos tab.
  5. Refer-a-Friend system.
  6. Order Tracking system.
  7. A Gift Card system.


Here’s how it works:-

Simply pay the deposit*** required, and then email all of your logos and images, plus any other information that you think may be relevant about your new website or business, to:-


Once we’ve designed and built your new Online shop, it can then be further expanded on and developed over time (i.e. new pages or products added), either by us or yourselves, or simply kept as it is, whichever suits you and the needs of your business.****


Examples of other websites or online shops that we have worked on before can also be found here:-

Triggerfish Games Ltd

CBDgo Ltd


* On receipt of all necessary content and images from the Customer.

** A Suitable hosting package is required, that we will need temporary access to. (We recommend for all of your hosting needs.)

*** Deposit amounts paid are non-refundable, and the full price for your chosen package will need to be paid before completion.

**** Further one-on-one personalized help can also be found by subscribing to our Patreon Page and Discord Channel, here.


Any questions at all please feel free to email us at:-


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