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Working From Home Call Centre Jobs

We are offering people the chance to work on a self-employed basis from their own homes, taking customer service calls for many well recognised Fortune 500 ‘Household Name’ UK businesses.  This type of work is known as ‘Homeshoring’, and is set to be the future of ‘call centre work’.
The work being offered is predominantly taking inbound calls, which means that the calls will come through to you in your own home, over your landline and internet, onto your PC or laptop via software applications and patented routing software directly from the main call centre itself.
Full training is provided, and you can choose your own hours to work. Pay is at least minimum wage or above and there are many varied types of companies involved; for example a travel company, an energy company or a coffee company you can choose from.

How to Apply

If you are interested in ‘escaping the rush’ and working from home, and would like to receive further information from us regarding this type of work, then simply press on the ‘Click here to Proceed’ button provided above to either view or download our fully comprehensive ‘Welcome Information Pack’, which contains all of the information that you will need in order to successfully continue on with your application.
18+ years old and UK applications only.