Interactive VR-Menu System™ (UE4 Asset)

If you are interested in getting started, or are all ready working in VR or the Metaverse, then this VR gaming focused asset may well be suitable for you!



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Simply build on the complete demonstration project provided for you here, or add our Interactive VR-Menu Blueprint and code to your own VR Character Blueprint, in order to enjoy this fully comprehensive, UE4 based, Interactive VR-Menu system!* And, if any game that you produce is good enough, we may even be interested in publishing it for you also!


*As featured in ‘Bodies of Water VR‘, this Interactive VR-Menu system will require UE4 and one of the following Virtual Reality Headsets:- SteamVR Compatible Headset, Oculus Rift, or WMR Devices, to function. It also requires a basic to intermediate understanding of UE4 and its Blueprint system, and that the VRExpansion and UE4 DLSS plugins be installed. These programs are all currently free to use and can be found here:-


Click ‘Find out More‘ for more information! (Redirects to Triggerfish Games)




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